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How To Become A Wedding Blog Guest Contributor

Do we accept guest article submissions?

Yes we do!

​If your writing is of exceptional quality, we’d love to publish you on our website!

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​Real Wedding / Styled Shoot Submissions

Please click the following link to submit a real wedding or styled shoot for consideration.

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Guest Post Submissions

​​We like to stay positive on the site. That being said, we’ve gotta ​​get something off our chests. We receive MANY UNSOLICITED emails every week from SEO agencies ​or others who are just looking for backlinks.

Please go away, we don’t want you and your emails will be marked as spam and deleted!

We can’t really be any more clear than that. Bloggers and other writers know what I’m talking about.

Glad that a little bit of awkwardness is out of the way!

We could all use a little extra help now and ​again, and Love & Lavender’s wedding blog ​is no different. ​We love top notch content to help fill out ​the content schedule. We know there are ​talented writers – either experienced or just starting out – who would love to submit work to broaden their online exposure. That’s why we are seeking high quality original articles from guest contributors.

We think it’s a win-win.

If you’d like to be considered as a guest blogger for Love & Lavender, please carefully read through the following information. Then fill out the article submission form (see the bottom of this page).

​Why Write for Us?

Love & Lavender has been one of the top wedding blogs online since our virtual doors opened back in early 2010.

We love featuring rustic, vintage, or whimsical styles the most — especially outdoor weddings. That being said, our posts range from how-to guides, reviews, advice, and even opinion pieces on a wide variety of wedding topics.

It takes many talented writers to keep an online media property alive with fresh content these days. We welcome top notch ​writers to contribute original work to round out our content schedule. Whether you only want to submit one article or form an ongoing relationship with us by submitting many articles, we’d love to get to know you better.

All posts published on our wedding blog are promoted via social media channels.

Yes, you will receive a link to your personal blog. We all know that’s one of the main reasons to go after guest posts! 😀

What DO We Publish?

​Simple: we look for the best possible ​content! We want well-researched articles from writers who clearly have a way with words.

You wouldn’t serve guests at a dinner party a half-cooked meal — would you?

That would be ​embarrassing.

Similarly, don’t offer guest posts to other blogs that are half completed and that you know are NOT your best work. Spend the time to make it the most informative, lengthy, well researched, and complete article that you as a writer can produce.

​That’s what ​authority websites are happy to publish on a guest post basis.

Who Visits Love & Lavender?

​Our audience consists of bridal couples and wedding vendors from around the world. ​The wedding industry is massive and there are too many topics to list on this page. Here is a small sample of the types of articles our readers enjoy:

  • How-to articles that definitively solve a bridal problem
  • DIY tutorials for favors, decor, or other wedding projects
  • Advice on the wedding planning process
  • Wedding fashion trends
  • Wedding stationery guides, styles, or how-to articles
  • Wedding recipes or food topics

What DON’T We Publish?

​Articles that:

  • Have been previously published online
  • Are advertisements for a product or commercial service
  • Are vendor reviews
  • Are Press Releases
  • Are fiction, poetry, or otherwise not a format we publish
  • Are NOT well-researched
  • Include overly personal family issues (perhaps without family member consent)
  • Are too similar to a recent post or a post that we already plan to publish
  • Are too short (posts should be a minimum of 2000 words)

An Overview of the Process

​Here we go:

  1. Read this page.
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page​. We receive a lot of requests so we outsourced guest post management to a digital marketing agency. Please allow them enough time to review and get back to you. If you do not hear back from them in 1-3 weeks, you have not been accepted.
  3. If accepted, we will send you our content calendar. You can select a topic from there, or you can offer yours.
  4. Once we agree on the topic, will set up a draft in Google Docs​ and invite you to the shared file.
  5. You submit your article, and we check and either approve or ask to make changes.
  6. Once approved, we will schedule your article. We publish no more than one guest blog post a week. Our content calendar is subject to change, which means guest posts are sometimes rescheduled.
  7. We’ll let you know the final publish date/time so you can promote it.

​Submission Disclaimer

When you submit work to Love & Lavender:

  • You grant your consent for us to publish your wedding blog submission on Love & Lavender and associated media properties.
  • You also grant your consent to let us edit your submission for length, tone, and clarity.
  • We can’t publish every article we receive and there are lots of factors that go into how we choose content to feature. Don’t be offended if your article doesn’t get published.
  • We don’t have a budget to pay guest contributors. However, we do link to your personal website if you wish. We do NOT link to business websites.
  • We generally don’t publish posts that have already appeared on other websites.
  • While we love reading each submission, we’re not able to publish every guest article that’s submitted. We aim to email you within ​three weeks if we are not able to use your article!

​Guest Article Submission Form

Only submissions via this form are considered for publication: https://forms.gle/p5vHpySKQPTUKNRM9